8 Top Tips to Managing an Employee Resignation

  1. Don’t Panic – it happens to every manager that recruits so having a quick checklist to deal with it will hopefully be helpful.


  1. Understand why they have resigned – if it is a heat of the moment decision and you wish to keep them then give them a cooling off period and resolve any issues. If they have been offered another role and a counter offer will keep them then quickly put this in place. If you are happy for them to leave then don’t for get to get their security pass on the way out!


  1. Manage any potential HR issues – make sure to get your HR team involved especially if there are any grounds for a potential claim.


  1. Get a letter of resignation – you will need this to close off the process and agree the end date.


  1. Inform the team – make sure that you do this ASAP to prevent rumours. Make sure to ask for their support if required whilst you recruit a replacement.


  1. Start the recruitment process – check that the Job Description accurately reflects the role and immediately start the search.


  1. Part on good terms – organise a leaving event and make sure to say good bye and thank them for their efforts.


  1. Reflect – is there anything that could be done differently in the future. If so then make sure to implement ASAP.


Staff turnover happens and is healthy in many ways.

It becomes a problem if you are frequently loosing good staff so it is always good practice to treat your team well as I am sure you know.


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