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With over 20 years’ experience in delivering recruiting solutions, the team at Careerz have supported a wide range of SMEs recruiting talent across technology, marketing, sales, finance, HR and support roles.

The primary task in delivering a successful recruitment campaign starts with clearly analysing and defining the specific requirements for the role. Without spending sufficient time on understanding which skills and experience will make a difference in the role, businesses are potentially in danger of appointing an individual who may appear to have excellent industry relevant experience, but is less relevant to the business and job requirements. In some cases, this may then lead to frustration and disappointment both on the part of SME and the employee, where they realise that the fit for role is not as suitable as had been anticipated.

The sample Job Description Templates below are given to illustrate the type of information we suggest a business may scrutinise when recruiting for the target role, and review against the actual requirements they wish the individual to fulfil. Applying due diligence to this process and taking feedback from the appropriate line manager and team members, is likely to result in a much more suitable Job Description and give confidence for the employer that they are targeting the right skills and experience.

Careerz are always happy to support you with feedback and further scrutiny of any role you are seeking to fill so please feel free to get in touch as below.


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