12% Recruitment Fees, 100% Service.

Our ethos is to offer a quality service at a competitive rate, which is reflected in our fees starting from 12% of the basic salary.  That way we spend more time working on filling your roles, rather than making sales calls! It’s a simple win-win approach.

We deliver our best results when we are engaged for an exclusive period to enable us to complete a comprehensive search and in doing so identify the best shortlist, not a handful of the first half decent candidate that we uncover.  This builds a level of confidence into the process that enables us to invest more time and resources.

Permanent Recruitment Fees

For companies that are willing to give us a minimum exclusive period of 5 working days, then we are happy to offer a recruitment fee based on 12% of the basic salary.

For companies that have already engaged other suppliers, then our fees will vary from 15% to 20% of the basic salary, depending on the specific role.

We are able to offer competitive rates as we are a small business with no ‘fat cat’ shareholders nor directors driving around in flash Range Rovers. We also keep a keen eye on costs so are in a position to pass on these savings to you through competitive rates. You can rest assured that we are hard to beat for overall service and value.

To discuss your requirements or to find out more please call John on 01227 656 888.

Candidate Guarantee: For additional peace of mind we also offer a very comprehensive rebate policy designed to minimise the impact should any hire not go to plan within the first 12 weeks.


When we are engaged to support the broader talent acquisition process our cost model will depend on your needs and expected volume so please call John Adams on 01227 656 888 to discuss your requirements so we can provide you with a competitive quote.


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