7 Top Tips to Create Employee Engagement

7 Top Tips to Create Employee Engagement

One of the most challenging HR activities over the next few years will be attracting and retaining highly talented individuals.  There is no doubt there is a war on finding talent and despite the ease of using social recruiting methods to find candidates, it is becoming more and more challenging to find the right candidates with the right skills.

Over the next few years it will be critical for organisation to do everything they can to retain their top talent.  Part of retaining talent will be to ensure your employees remain engaged.  Highly engaged employees are usually motivated and therefore, productive.

Here are our Top 7 Tips to Create Employee Engagement.

  1. Career Progression

Highly talented individuals tend to be highly ambitious and career orientated too.  They are looking for well defined career paths, opportunities for promotion or career progression (interesting secondments or involvement in key projects that will enhance their career prospects).

  1. Training and Development

High performers expect opportunities to develop existing skills, learn new skills and invest in their own training.  They want to be stretched and challenged in their roles.  So it is important an organisation invests in continuous personal development(CPD).  It is highly likely when hiring top talent they will be required to maintain their CPD anyway as part of any professional membership (CIMA, CIM, CIPD etc).

  1. Opinion Valued at Work

Employees need to feel they have a genuine role within the organisation and that their professional opinion is listened to and valued.  It is not always necessary for their views or opinions to materialise however, it’s important that they are taken seriously and they are actively encouraged to make a contribution.

  1. Tools and Equipment to do the Job

It can be frustrating not being able to deliver to objectives or get on with daily tasks and duties if there are no systems, broken processes or inadequate equipment to do so.  Generally employees want to do a good job – they want to contribute positively to the organisations goals and overall strategy.

  1. Clear Expectations

Job descriptions are not just useful for recruiting the right candidate with the right skills.  A well written job description will ensure employees know their role and responsibility within the organisation.  A well designed and implemented annual appraisal process can also contribute to a good understanding of expectations and objectives for the year ahead.

  1. Good Working Relationship

An important factor that keeps employees engaged is having good working relationships with their manager and colleagues.  Considering the majority of workers spend most of their lives at work it is important they build and maintain strong working relationships.

  1. Recognised and Rewarded

Decades of organisational research indicates employees are motivated by more than money alone.  Most of us would like a reasonable, fair and equitable salary for the work we do and receive financial benefits of course.  However, it is not always necessary to be recognised or be rewarded financially to achieve engagement.  That said there may still be a monetary value to a reward.


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