Creating a Talent Pipeline

Article written by John Adams – BA (Hons) DipM, Dip Coaching, Dip NLP, CertRP

If you have not grabbed the opportunity already, the next few weeks offers the ideal time to get to grips with your resource plan for 2014.

For many hiring managers recruitment planning is often very low on their packed agenda. Taking care of day to day issues usually fills the diary to the degree that planning can be seen a luxury. However the good old saying of ‘failing to plan, is planning to fail’ holds true when it comes to ensuring your team is operating at optimal performance, both in terms of overall numbers and individual employees ability to deliver against the responsibilities of the role.

Talent Pipelining is a reasonably new concept that has been embraced by many large corporate organisations with the aim of speeding up the recruitment process. It generally involves identifying suitable candidates for roles in advance of them being required so roles can be filled quickly by candidates that will be aware of the company and perhaps even the role in question.

Definitions aside, for various reasons managers often leave recruitment to the last minute. In many cases they will race around looking for a dusty old Job Description to kick off the process to finding a replacement for someone who has either resigned or is really not up to the role. They have often little time to spend with recruitment partners to go through the brief, which can be challenging to source for and so it can become somewhat of a hit and miss exercise. Things thankfully do not have to be that way!

We are currently working with a client, which I am pleased to say, is clear on the value of planning and talent pipelining. They have taken the time out of their busy schedule to create a resource plan of what they expect will be required in order to deliver on their budget for next year. This includes heads that will support growth plus potential replacements for under performing employees. Armed with this knowledge they are able to communicate to internal stakeholders and externally to recruitment partners, such as ourselves, to enable us to create a pool of potential candidates.

As recruitment activity typically slows down over the festive period we are able to invest time in earmarking, or even having an introductory conversations, with potential candidates. This means that when we are given the green light in the New Year, we are already ahead of the game in terms of securing the required talent and delivering to often tight timescales.  Taking these simple planning steps ensures that both parties win. The hiring manager has a greater chance of securing the most suitable candidate for the role with shorter lead times whilst we, their recruitment partner, have the time to fully understand the need and cast the net wide enough to ensure we select from a sufficiently broad talent pool.

So perhaps over the coming weeks when you get a spare moment, it may be timely to take a closer look at your current team, with the view to your requirements for 2014. We will be only too happy to speak with you to partner up on delivering a pipeline of suitably skilled candidates, bringing you a step closer to a ‘just in time’ recruitment process.

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