Don’t Miss Out on the Festive Hunt for Talent

Winding down
As we all know December is a time to wind down and reflect on the highs and lows of the year. As part of this reflection many people will review how their career has progressed in that period and perhaps more importantly, the outlook for the next 12 months and beyond. For the many who feel they are falling short of where they would like to be, it is an opportunity to have a peek over the wall at what else might be out there with the view to charting a new course. These candidates will often see the New Year as an opportunity to start afresh so are potentially more receptive to being approached.

Tapping into passive talent
The strongest candidates also tend to be hard to engage as they are frequently approached through the year however usually too busy to entertain a call. Therefore this period of downtime can sometimes provide the opportunity to have an exploratory call. On this basis tapping into these passive candidates is more likely to happen at this time of the year than any other.

January may be too late
For companies operating in the technology and marketing sector this is an important time in terms of making sure you have sight of the top talent that may be putting their feelers out. Given the general skill shortage in these sectors it is important not to miss an opportunity to engage.
So, if you are intending to hire in the first quarter of 2019, it may be prudent to join in as leaving it until January may mean that you miss out on top talent.

If you are engaging an agency, then making sure they are briefed before the holiday season means they will be in a position to advertise the role effectively and are ready to have those all-important conversations over the festive season.

Tapping into career aspirations
Perhaps even more so for such passive candidates, the key to success for such conversations should ultimately be about career progression. Taking the time to understand their mid and long term career aspirations and being clear as to how a move to your company will meet and even exceed their personal goals. These candidates will also be less likely to be motivated to move for purely financial reasons so care needs to be taken to tap into their current and future vision. Needless to say it is equally important not to oversell the role just to attract a candidate as this will no doubt come around to bite you further down the line when they leave prematurely.

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Wishing you All a very relaxing and peaceful break!

John Adams – Chief Talent Scout 

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