Embracing Competency Based Interviews

They used to be the reserve of large corporate companies however a greater number of small companies are embracing them to create more structure to the recruitment process, with the aim of making more informed hiring decisions.

Competency Based Interviews (CBI’s) help remove subjectivity from the recruitment process and pays particular attention to those functional and behavioural competencies that are deemed necessary to be successful in any given role. The basis of this form of interview is that past performance is the best indicator of future success. Candidates that are able to provide impressive examples of situations or tasks that they have undertaken that relate to the specific competency will be in a stronger position to secure the role.

Competencies are set for specific roles and typically the more senior the role, the more there will be. Some competencies such as Teamwork and Trustworthiness or Ethic may be identified and required for all roles within the company however Leadership, Problem Solving and Commercial Awareness may be more role specific.

Some Examples

Below are a few example questions relating to specific competencies.

Problem Solving – Tell me about a time when you have faced a significant challenge relating to your role.

Leadership – Give me an example of when you had to manage a large team to deliver a specific project.

Time Management – What tools and techniques do you use to manage your time?

Actions and Results

A popular Competency Based Interview tool is STAR. This relates to Situation or Task, Actions and Results. For each competency the interviewer will ask for a specific Situation or Task that they were involved with that relates to the question asked. The candidate is then prompted to explain what Action/s they took and what the end Result was. It is important to make sure the interviewee focuses on the actions they have taken and not those of the team in general.

Enhancing the Recruitment Process

Implementing a Competency Based Interview process will have significant benefits in identifying the best candidate for a role. If the competencies are clearly defined and the process followed correctly then it can ensure that you make an informed decision based on objectively set criteria.

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Posted on May 24, 2013 by John Adams.

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