From personal experience in my role as an internal recruitment manager, if you work with more than one recruitment agency, it is advisable that you have some form of agreement in place. This will help ensure that all suppliers work to best practice and that there are ground rules in place, which cover those potentially awkward situations that inevitably crop up. The agreement also offers protection to those agencies who work in a professional and ethical manner so should be well received. Any agency who is not willing to agree to the terms should certainly ring a warning bell. 
In order to put you, the Client in control, we offer a FREE Recruitment Agency Code of Conduct Template that will firmly put you in the driving seat. This template covers a number of key areas below however can be easily tweaked as required. 


Recruitment Agency Code of Conduct – key areas covered…



Top 5 Tips for Getting the Best out of Recruitment Agencies

In addition to implementing a Recruitment Agency Code of Conduct, this blog provides further guidance on how to maximise this key supplier relationship – CLICK FOR BLOG


To receive your FREE Recruitment Agency Code of Conduct Template please contact John Adams – 07881 623119 or or Contact page. 

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