The Power of a Professional LinkedIn Headshot

As I am sure most people know, LinkedIn is the largest global professional networking website. It is an excellent tool to promote you and your business enabling you to create your personal online portal outlining your experience and accomplishments. As a recruiter myself, I will always look at a candidates LinkedIn profile in addition to their CV as it is often a better reflection of who they are. For a start, they are more likely to be honest with job titles and duties and I occasionally spot where a candidate has given themselves a higher-level job title on their CV, which always becomes an interesting discussion point!

Experience aside, too many people pay little attention to their profile picture and often grab shots of themselves in the pub, beach or badly taken selfies. On a few occasions, I have asked candidates to change their photo as I do not feel it reflects them in the best light or who they are having spoken with them and knowing my clients will inevidably check them out online.  Given that a picture is supposed to say a 1000 words, what does a poor ‘mug shot’ potentially say about you? In my opinion, it does not give a very good first impression and on some level, reflects a lack of attention to detail or how serious you take your career.

Needless to say, I will always recommend that a candidate takes the time and effort to post a professional LinkedIn photo. It is possible to take a decent photo yourself however if you shop around you should be able to find a photographer to take it for a reasonable price. I have managed to identify a local Canterbury based photographer Ralph Hope from Frankie & Friends who I regularly recommend. Ralph charges £50 for a 45-minute session, which I believe offers excellent value for money given the quality of his work.

If you are looking to up your game in your current role or change jobs then I do recommend taking a serious look at your headshot and profile as LinkedIn is fast becoming a key tool for job searching.

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