Supporting the Armed Forces in Pursuing New Careers

On 26th February 2020 Careerz Limited joined the thousands of UK businesses to sign the Armed Forces Covenant. The Careerz’ pledge to support the Military community was made at an event hosted by RIFT Group in Ashford, Kent, and was co-signed by a Royal Naval Reserve Lieutenant Commander.

As a well-established IT and marketing recruitment agency in the South East, with 7 years’ experience, Careerz specialises in matching the right candidates for technical roles within small and large businesses in London and Kent. The bespoke service provided by Careerz includes end to end support, working closely with businesses to understand the requirements of the role, and assist them with identifying and assessing the right skills and background for suitable candidates. The adaptability and technical skillsets of many of the high number of Armed Forces Veterans who settle in the South East mean they represent an excellent potential talent pool and commercial advantage for the businesses that recognise the opportunity.

John Adams, Careerz business owner said:

My personal experience when working with candidates who have a Military background is that they invariably prove to be extremely dependable and flexible. They are quickly able to get up to speed in their new roles and have a real impact within the business. They are usually highly organised and their Military backgrounds often make them suitable for Project Management and Technology roles, in which Careerz specialises. We would recommend to businesses that do not yet employ Veterans to look favourably upon Military candidates when receiving applications for such roles, and see their backgrounds as added value.”

Careerz became aware of the wider opportunities to work with Military Veterans available to businesses who sign the Armed Forces Covenant, and the many benefits to employee retention, when attending the RIFT Military Engagement Day in Ashford in October 2019. At this event, Careerz, along with over 20 Kent businesses, heard first-hand accounts from RIFT employees of their experience of Military engagement, including Open Day attendance, fundraising, and participation in leadership events at Regular and Reservist units, and the benefits they felt they had gained.

The event also included lively Q&A with members of the Military community, who shared aspects of their own experience and roles. The apparent limited awareness amongst other businesses present of how they might engage with the Military, and use the process to enhance their employee retention and recruitment strategy, spurred Careerz to take the decision to sign the Armed Forces Covenant, and help raise awareness.

Having met with John Adams from Careerz and co-signed their Covenant pledge, Lieutenant Commander Tony Scott, representing London’s Royal Naval Reserve unit HMS President and its Rochester-based Medway Tender satellite unit, said:

“Signing the Armed Forces Covenant pledge made by Careerz on behalf of the Ministry of Defence was an honour. For Armed Forces Veterans to make a successful transition into new roles after completing their Military careers, it is important that businesses appreciate the skills and benefits they have to offer. It is refreshing to see the contribution IT recruitment agencies such as Careerz seek to make, and the support they are able to provide to both candidates and businesses.”

As well as helping businesses to identify the proposition Military candidates offer, Careerz aim to support the candidates with insights into how to match their skills and background to their desired new roles. Careerz plan to explore further ways to support both candidates and businesses in making the right connection for a successful recruitment and placement outcome. As part of this support, Careerz will seek to work and develop a close relationship with Career Transition Partnership (CTP), who are the official provider of resettlement for Armed Forces Veterans, and have assisted many Service leavers with their transition into new areas of employment. Careerz will aim to support more businesses by enabling them to make the connection with Veterans through activities such as the ongoing programme of CTP workshops tailored to assist Military personnel in identifying the right industry and role that suits their skills and future ambitions.

John Adams said:

Many businesses are unaware of the breadth of skills learned and practiced in challenging circumstances by Armed Forces personnel. With over 200 different trades available within the Military, Veterans offer an attractive proposition for many businesses. Even those who have served a shorter period of time will have benefited hugely from their time spent, and bring a flexible approach and “can-do” attitude to a new role.”

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