The Importance of Defining Your Recruitment Process

As a candidate, there is nothing more off putting than applying for a position that you are very interested in and having spoken to the client or agency, you either receive feedback weeks later or not at all. Needless to say this can reflect badly on the company, and as a result their employee brand can be severely damaged if care is not taken to manage applicant’s expectations. This is true whether the company is recruiting directly or through a recruitment agency.

It is important that the various parties involved in the process are clear on the objectives and timelines of the specific recruitment assignment. That way everyone is clear on their role in the process, which will help ensure they deliver on their commitments. Having open lines of communication between all parties will ensure any challenges are dealt with promptly and a suitable course of action taken. Often a weekly stakeholder meeting can help retain the focus on the project and hold people accountable.

Many companies have their recruitment process documented to ensure it is streamline and running effectively and efficiently. The document may cover such areas as the company policy on use of agencies including a list of approved suppliers, the use of competency based Interviews and legal considerations relating to the recruitment process. Having specific information available to hiring managers will help standardise the process to ensure there is a consistent approach and ensure that the company is acting in a compliant manner.

Some managers are more natural than others when it comes to recruiting, so it can be appealing for those less experienced managers to have some form of guidance through the process. Also you may find that if a manager has not recruited for some time, that they may be doing so outside of the law, which may expose your company to litigation. From personal experience, even managers who are regularly interview can often overstep the line or fail to ensure that interviews are conducted in a consistent and fair manner.

Serious consideration should be given to formalising and documenting the process. It can be approached as work in progress where it gets enhanced over time as and when required or when time permits. Alternatively you could consider outsourcing it as a project. Either way it will be time well spent.

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