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Our Clients, Approach & Fees.


Typical Client

Our clients are often technology focused companies that are frustrated with recruiters over promising, under delivering, overcharging and bombarding them with CV’s in the hope that one will stick. Having spent the majority of my professional life working closely in-house with hiring managers and business leaders, I fully appreciate how best to add value in the process of helping build successful teams.

Identifying the Right Candidate

Having spent many years within the corporate world, I believe that many companies regularly fail to identify the best local talent. They all too often set the bar low in order to fill the role quickly and with the least cost.  I fully appreciate the cost and time pressures for many companies, however we should not underestimate the real cost of a poor hire and that is where I believe I can add real value to the process.

As a former internal Recruitment Manager, I am passionate about getting the best local candidate in terms of skills, experience and also culture & personality fit, areas which are often overlooked. I am also focused on ensuring that our service is consistent, timely and cost effective.

What to Expect

  • CV's usually presented within 48 hours, often sooner.

  • Candidates screened for skills, experience, company culture & personality fit.

  • Candidate guarantee over period of 3 months.

  • Comprehensive candidate summary sheet. 

  • Free recruitment & interview advice.

  • A hassle free, 'service NOT sales' focused experience. 

Fee Structure

We are fully committed to offering a quality service at a competitive rate. The rate structure will generally depend on the level of exclusivity, commitment to working with me and expected volume of vacancies. I am confident that given the quality of candidates we present and the level of experience and service offered you will struggle to find a better value service.

  • 12% of the basic salary 

Where I am given a minimum 3-day exclusive period to work on the role to enable us to conduct a thorough search.

  • 15% of the basic salary

Where there are multiple recruitment agencies engaged on the search as this factors in the high likelihood of duplicated effort. If this is the first vacancy that you are looking to brief us on then please give us a call to discuss. We may be able to agree 12% depending on the circumstances.

Our Terms & Conditions

We will forward a copy of our T’s & C’s for you to review when you submit our short Brief Us form. Otherwise if you wish to check them out beforehand, then just let us know and we will email them across. They are pretty much standard terms and include a rebate policy for your added peace of mind. 


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